Wednesday, April 29, 2015

A Series of Unfortunate Events

Dear Friend,

Today was one of those days where I just wanted to bang my head against a brick wall. 
This morning I woke up late. No later than I would have expected though, I usually wake up "late." I try to be up early enough to you know, properly pack my things and eat breakfast, but as per the norm, I ended up just shoving all papers in sight into my backpack and walking out the door with an apple croissant in my hand. (The ones from Sam's Club are DELISH). 

I arrived at school on time, thankfully, and my morning started off with out a hitch. In AP Lang, we did corrections for a multiple choice practice. To be honest, none of us really tried. I put in minimal effort into the corrections, and we suspect that the answer key is wrong in some places anyways. (But, as the teacher is pregnant, and has officially gone on maternity leave, we'll just forgive her.)
Midway through corrections, my nose spontaneously decided to erupt like the Mt. Vesuvius of Pompeii. That is to say, I had blood pouring out of my nose like nobody's business. So then naturally I kind of freaked out a little. All I had was the little wad of toilet paper from my purse to save me, and I just sat there like "I'm bleeding. I'm bleeding. I'm bleeding." Blood dripped on the table, on the chair, in my purse, on my sweater... everywhere. In the end, my classmate, Michelle, kindly walked me down to the nurses office. The nurse informed me that the proper way to stop a nosebleed is to pinch it and sit for a while. Good to find out I've been doing all wrong my whole life. Especially since that was literally the 4th nosebleed with in two days...

After that, I left the nurse's only to find that everyone was heading off to activity period, and I completely forgot where I was supposed to go. See, we have this thing called "Activity Period" where we go to a classroom or the library, cafeteria, or gym for like 30 minutes every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.
On the bright side, Michelle totally finished the last question of my corrections for me (she is my HERO). On the down side, I was completely dazed, and decided to just go to the library. I got there only to be told by my sister that I actually was supposed to be in the gym. But, meh, at that point I really didn't care.

Second period came and went, all was well... and then math class happened. Firstly, I got there and thought I'd lost my phone. Freaked out a little, but then got distracted by the fact that we had a test in front of us. I'm pretty sure I got NONE of those questions right. By lunch, I was completely drained. Not to mention, that we'd only taken PART 1 of the test. So after discovering that my phone was NOT where I thought it was. I just resigned my self to wallowing in my own despair. 
We returned to math class where I just completed the rest of the test without any enthusiasm.

Fourth period was okay. Which I guess meant that it was relatively awful, but by this time in the day, I JUST COULDN'T anymore. At least I found out that my phone was actually in my locker.

By the time I got home, I was ready to take a nap for two weeks, but NOOOOO. My water bottle spilled inside my purse. It was great. Then I had to quickly scarf down some macaroni, get dressed in nice clothes and go back to school for our school's NHS induction ceremony. 

From here, the story gets boring, because, well, as much as I complained about today, the Induction Ceremony was actually quite fun. I've already been inducted (last year) but I went in to help out. There was cake and friends, so, I'm okay now.

I think the greatest mistake of today has been deciding to write this post instead of doing homework, but my attitude today is just "Gah, screw this, Imma do what I want."

Great day eh?

<3 Alexis

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Well that Happened #5: Where ya at brah?

Wasting time is my expertise. I just spent a good hour watching YouTube.

I should probably get a move on, and finish filming a video for my band leadership application, but... I said I'd put this story out there, so here goes.

So a couple days ago, I came home after school pretty late (like around 7pm). I came home and just sat around in our front room eating a snack when my mom called to tell me to help her get stuff out of the car. "I'm home," she said.

I looked out onto the driveway and she wasn't there, so I said in to the phone "ummm what."
She just told me to "come out side and help!"

Just at this moment, a boy from school came walking down the street, but I didn't realize he was there, so I said very loudly into the phone "Yo, Motha! Wer ya at brah?!" (You know, cuz I'm thug like that)

This kid just gave me the weirdest look. Even worse, my mom pulled up around the driveway, so he stood there, awkwardly waiting for her to drive past. I just told him to go ahead.

Good thing too, because then my mom told me to ASK FOR HIS ADDRESS. She doesn't seem to understand that I am an awkward teenage girl. He is a teenage boy. One doesn't simply ASK FOR A BOY'S ADDRESS.

I mean if I had cookies and was a middle aged lady interested in meeting the neighbors... maybe. BUT I AM AN ANTI SOCIAL GIRL WHO'S ON THE INTERNET ALL DAY.

I hope that ya'll have a good day. And aren't pestered to ask for addresses by your mothers.

<3 Alexis

Saturday, April 11, 2015

Modern Parenting

(Disclaimer: I am not meaning to offend anyone, I was just in a mood to complain. thanks you much.)

Well well well. It's April. And I'm writing an overdue blogpost. yay.

I just realized that today was Prom for my old school. Much yay, but also much nay. Yay cuz my best friends got to go ( I mean they kind of had to, they were on Junior Prom Committee...). Nay cuz I had to miss all of my gorgeous besties in their gorgeous dresses...

*also, before I get too far into this post, I apologize for anything that doesn't make sense. I am running on minimal sleep and It's gotten to the point where I'm starting to slur my words together.

I think I'm going to make this post on modern parenting.

Today, I volunteered for this Celebration of Art event at some church preschool. I was assigned to run a station where the children were let loose to build whatever they wanted out of giant blue foam blocks. Easy yes? No.

The first few children to come in were rather timid and played around while I awkwardly stood to the side and watched. Then other children came in and it became a mad house. One child would not stop hitting other children with the foam rods and another child was throwing the little blue balls at an innocent little girl. It got to the point where one of the parents was just like OMG WHOSE CHILD IS THIS GET HIM OUT OF HERE. (In my defense I was trying my best to control the kid, but I swear he had this demonic gleam in his eyes).

I guess I just want to comment that its starting to become less and less of a priority to teach children manners and courtesy. Especially young ones because parents are just like He's only 4, he'll grow out of it.

Bro, when I was four, if I so much as cried in a restaurant, my dad would haul me out onto the car and spank me senseless. Now if I'd thrown balls at another child or was rude, who knows if I'd still be alive to tell the tales of my punishment.

*Side note: I love my dad to death he is the best, and he does not spank me anymore. That would be weird. Apparently I'm old enough to judge my own behavior and be mature enough to process my parent's scolding.

I guess the point of this post is to rant about children and parents who let their children run free and be insolent, crazy little rude nuggets.

Parents- please teach your child(ren) to be an adorable, polite, and sweet little nugget. Thank you.

~ Alexis