Friday, May 29, 2015

Elinor Appreciation

Today is a very SPECIAL DAY. (Okay well, I mean now, it's a special night. . .)

My instinct at the moment is to declare that I do NOT do mushy, emotional, pieces of writing, but the truth is. . . I really do. (I mean, for heaven's sake, I spent 2 hours writing appreciation notes for everyone on my color guard team instead of doing homework)

But today is special because (drum roll please. . .) IT IS ELINOR'S BIRTHDAY!!!

Now you may be wondering: who is this person? This "Elinor" you speak of?
To answer that, I say: She is the kindest, most wonderful human being on earth. I am at a complete loss for how to put in to words just how much this girl means to me.

Five years ago, a new girl showed up at school, and was, by some coincidence, in nearly every single one of my classes. I normally kept to myself and didn't talk to people, but I was feeling especially daring one day. I just up and said "Okay, I'm going to make a new friend today."
Next thing I know, I'm telling this new girl to come see my choir show, and figuring out how we can hang out, and since then, things have gone farther. A LOT farther.

We've shared everything from muddy flag football to noodles coming out of noses, and somehow, it made for one of the greatest friendships on the planet earth.

This past year, I left my hometown, and some of the best friends a girl couldn't even dream of having. I will be honest: I cried. A lot (WHAT, don't judge, I'm a crier. . .) Normally, I cry in private. It's not something I like to share, and crying is like my way of venting. Some like punching pillows, others like yelling a lot. I like crying. Alone.

But when I really needed it, my best friend got on her Nokia brick (an ancient cell phone that is shaped like a brick, and is somehow just as tough. . .) and talked me through some of the hardest times I've ever had in my life, and I'm MOST grateful for what she's helped me through.


Thank you, Elinor, for being you. For being my friend. For everything.


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