Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Bored Bored Bored

Why hello there. I am bored. Wonder why? Well, it is because today we had yet another snow day. Surprise!! So anywho...

I guess I should work on homework and get at least a bit of my to do list out of the way... But I need to keep up with my procrastination history!! That is why, instead of being productive, I am writing a pointless blog.

Speaking of PointlessBlog (:P), I have been hanging out on Youtube for a good chunk of my morning. I also baked some brownies. They were and are delicious ;) Thank you, mommy, for buying lots of brownie mix :D P.S. If you don't know who PointlessBlog is, go look him up on Youtube. He makes funny videos on there.

Its that time of the year for registering for classes for next year. (that was a lot of "for"s) I am having difficulty fitting everything in... :( I want to do SO MUCH! Yet we get so little space to sign up for what we want... Its quite depressing, especially for people like me, whose social life lies almost entirely at school. High school is supposed to be a place where you can try all sorts of different things, but I'm stuck here with limited time for trying those things. Oh well, this is life.

After writing all of that, I realize I have wasted alot of time for not very much. Thats alright though, I still have the afternoon ahead of me! I hope all ya'll are having a nice day, whether or not you are in school, and thank you for taking the time out of your day to read this Random Rant.

Monday, January 13, 2014

Well... That Happened

Well, after quite the embarrassing morning, I figured What better to do than to write a blogpost about it?

Today, in our school district, is a "Late Start Day". This means that twice a month (Every other Monday) we get up later and go to school an hour and half later. That gives me an hour n a half more sleep. USUALLY.
I am still in my winter break brain fog, and the snow days didn't exactly help clear it, so I woke up at 7:00 AM. For me that's just a little late, so I got all my stuff together and rushed out the door. I ended up at the bus stop earlier than normal. So there I stood and waited and waited. And waited some more. Finally, I get tired of waiting and came home.

*wakes up dad
"Daaaad.... The bus never caaaame...."

"Did you call the school?"

"No... I'll do that now."

*Calls school to find out it is a LATE START DAY

"Sorry dad. I'm gonna go now" (embarrassment embarrassment embarrassment)


Wednesday, January 8, 2014


So, as a first, non-introductory post, I feel that I should write WHY I would start a blog. So... Here goes:

I started a blog for quite a few reasons. One would definitely be the 5 snow days in a row that we've had now, especially since they're right after winter break. I have not been to school in almost three weeks, leaving me trapped at home in a circle of boredom. Because of this never ending boredom, I watch a lot of YouTube. YouTube intrigues me, but that is another post for another day. One YouTuber in particular really interests me. ZOELLA. She also has her own blog and I wanted to try one out!

But the most important reason of all must come from one of my bestest of friends, ElinOr Rigby. (That is a nickname and the name of her blog. To check it out go to this link : http://writingmagic26.blogspot.com/). I've read some of her blog posts and I must say they're funny and great! Her blog has inspired me to start my own. I met her four years ago when she moved here to Missouri. She has a version of the day we met in school on her blog. Its of her perspective of that day. It was interesting to see what she thought of our conversations and I want to share my point of view here.

To preface this story, I must inform you all that I used to be very quiet with nearly no friends. Before you go feeling sorry for me, I have to say that it suited me quite well. After all, being the socially awkward person I am, it was easier to just be by my self on the playground/ at school. When I went to middle school, though, I decided I was going to change and actually make friends. Especially my two best friends from elementary school were going to a different middle school than me. In sixth grade I made friends with another of my best friends in class, but in seventh grade, we got put on different teams. I was so sad, because I wouldn't be able to talk to her all day or see her very much. So once again, I had to make new friends. That's when E-Chan (another nickname) comes into the story. We were in PE on one of the first days of school, and we were running out side on the track. I don't remember exactly when/how we started to talk, but according to E-Chan's version of the story, she told me she just needed bigger lungs to run better, and I agreed. I do remember her saying something of the sort, but I don't remember what I had thought of that statement... But anyways, we just started up a conversation. I asked her where she was from. To me she was obviously a new kid because I'd lived here for my ENTIRE LIFE, and knew pretty much who everyone was. So, back to the point, she told me she had come from NY and explained her situation. Her dad was here with her, but her mom was still in NY doing something important. So, again, being the awkward person I am, I asked "Do you miss your mom?" As soon as this left my mouth I thought Oh no... what an insensitive thing to say!! So to make up for this blunder, I immediately told her a story of when my mom had went to Taiwan when I was in 5th grade, and how I had missed my mother. I had hoped that by doing this she wouldn't find it embarrassing to answer my question... I thought that I may have overdone it though considering I had been the only one talking for a good 10 minutes. Inside my head was a flurry of thoughts wondering if I had just messed up my chance to find a friend for the rest of the year... But to my surprise, she answered with "Yeah, I do miss her" I was so RELIEVED!! In the years to come, I found that E-Chan was quite an interesting person. Smart, fun, and inspiring. She was and is someone I want to be more like. I had never had a friend that I could constantly talk to everyday. And now, I've been friends with her for 4 years. I know now that we'll be friends for ever!

So if you have survived this massive blogpost, I congratulate you on your success. I just had to tell this story because it is important to me. That day in PE literally changed my life, and I didn't even know it. I want to say a massive thank you to E-Chan for all the things she's done for me :D

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Post Number One

Hello Friends!

Welcome to my new blog! Its 2014, so I figured, well why not start a blog? New Year, New Me. Besides, I spend most of my life on the internet anyway. I might as well be doing something of my own instead of watching other people/ reading other people's stuff. Its a place that I can share my thoughts, opinions, ideas, etc.

I want to post regularly, but considering I still have school to work around, I'll have to be flexible. I'm thinking maybe at least once every two weeks. Shouldn't be hard right? I think and talk to much anyways... (With my friends anyways... Otherwise I think I'm a bit shy.)

So with that in mind... LET THE BLOGGING BEGIN!