Thursday, March 27, 2014

Well ... That Happened: Episode 2

I think I make enough mistakes and have enough mishaps to make a series out of them. Here's episode two:

So before spring break started last week, we had taken this test in Chemistry class. I totally bombed it and got a 71%. I can practically hear groans from people telling me that a 71% is just a minor slip up, but it was QUITE the dissappointment to me. Since we got the test back on the Friday before break, I couldn't do the retake until Today (Thursday, March 27).

Last night I was up pretty late doing homework, and this morning. I had to get here early to hang posters for sctudent council. Then after school I was supposed to go do my retake. Well the day wasnt all that bad at all! I was actually feeling quite cheerful when the last class of my day ended. So what did I do? I walked to the bus, hopped on and went home.

When I got home, I realized my mom was home, so I went up to her room to say "hi". She saw me and asked if I was supposed to stay after.

"Uh... no..... WAIT OH SHOOT YES!!!!!!!!!!!"

Well, after that I went into a tizzy talking to myself and trying to get this sorted out . Fortunately, I have the best Chemistry teacher out there, and he didn't make a big deal out of it. Instead, he okayed me going in tomorrow morning to do the retake.


Monday, March 24, 2014

Reliving the Past

So, today I was supposedly doing my math homework in my room. Actually I was watching a vlog of Joey Graceffa on YouTube (his latest one of PlayList live. one of the YouTube conventions I one day plan on attending :P) Here it is if you want to watch:

So anyhow, as I was watching this video, I was desperately wishing that I wasn't stuck in this snowy, depressing weather with a buttload of homework due in the next like three months. Then for some reason, I started thinking about like middle school n'stuff. THEN. . . I remembered that before Elinor started her second blog, she had to have a first!! So then I text her:

Me Elinor
creepy and random question, but is ur old blog still up?

Yeah. . .

So naturally, I headed over to take a look. Oh my goodness. It was like a #TBT on a Monday and in someone else's shoes. I could just imagine fetus Elinor tapping away at her computer. (By "fetus" I mean baby fifth/sixth grade Elinor :P) It's really quite insightful to read bits of your best friend's past that you knew nothing about. Call me creepy or stalker or whatever, but it was so cool to see her change just through what she wrote on her blog!

(*side note: Elinor, if you're reading this, please don't think I'm a crazy creeper!!)
(*side note number 2: But I guess you DID put it on the internet for the world to see...)

Well anyway, I found this post about volunteering, but the first bit was actually about an awards ceremony we had in seventh grade?? Most likely. She wrote that my parents were there and that they were so nice and that she felt bad for me because my mom fawned over her grades more than mine. Quite honestly, I don't even remember this whole incident, but Elinor, don't feel bad. My mother fawns over everyone!! :) She also called my mother and I "nice". That's so sweet! I've never really thought of my self as such. THANK YOU!

So anyway, I had this great long speech in my head that I was going to post, but it seems that that speech has given me the slip. I have no idea what I was going to say, but I think I've covered the main gist of it. I don't feel like this post would be in anyway useful to anyone, but I thought I just had to put it out there so I did. Thanks for reading!! :)

<3 from DuckDuck

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Back to school. Again.

Well, today marks the end of spring break 2014. I have to admit that it wasn't too spectacular. I feel as if I've spent most of my time just sorta puttering around my house with no real purpose. The rest of the time was really spent on stuff that I didn't imagine doing over spring break. For example we painted the kitchen. A LONG and gruesome three day process that left our kitchen looking rather war torn, but brighter and happier none-the-less.

I really don't want to go back to school. I miss my friends, I miss some of my, classes. I even miss some of my teachers, but I definitely do NOT miss the work load that comes with taking all the classes that I take. I'm hoping that by April 9th my life will be together, because that is the day of my final presentation. For ALAR/P students like me, that means that is pretty much the last day of torture. After that is easy cruising to the end of the school year. At least that's the way it is for me.

As of right now, I THINK I have just finished editing an essay due tomorrow. I'm supposed to upload it to but quite honestly I'm slightly scared to do so. I am absolute trash at writing conclusions, introductions, and commentary. So pretty much, I suck at writing essays.

Also, living in St. Louis, Missouri can also be a chore, because we have what we call "bipolar weather". Take for instance, this past week: Yesterday was absolutely gorgeous- 70 degree sunny day. Perfect for a stroll in the park. Today was still sunny, but freezing outside. The temperature peaked at like 45 degrees flat. This coming week, its supposed to get slightly warmer, but sometimes rainy sometimes not. It is nearly April. It should be a solid 65 degrees out side everyday!!!

I guess, at the end of this rather pointless rant, school is still barreling its way towards me and I have accomplished nothing. I'm very sorry if you're very disappointed to have not found anything worth reading or meaningful in any way whatsoever.

But thanks for stopping by! :)

Friday, March 21, 2014

30DDPC Day 2: Favorite Disney Princess

Well, here it is! Day two three days after day one :P

Today's challenge was "Favorite Princess" and I have to say, Ariel is one of my top favorites. She's a mermaid. Need I say more? When I was younger, I would spend all of my wishes on wanting to be a real mermaid! It was a slight obsession. Even now that I'm 15 years old, I still wish I could be a mermaid. . .
Well, I hope you all like day two, and day three should be coming out some time soon. Although, school is starting back up on Monday, so like I said before, I'm not making any promises!


(all art belongs to me)

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

30DDPC Day 1: Favorite Movie

Hello! After much procrastination. . .  I finally finished my 30 day Disney princess challenge!! Day one is Favorite Movie and mine just so happens to be FROZEN at the moment. I have a thing where the latest movie is my favorite, but FROZEN is SUCH a great movie. Even when the next movie comes out, FROZEN will still be on my list of top movies! So far I've seen it like three times and its been dazzling every single time :)

I hope you all like this drawing :) I spent three days procrastinating on it :P

Also, if you haven't already, please take a couple minutes to take a survey I made for a school Language arts project! The link is posted below:

Thank you! The next post should be up either tomorrow or the day after, but I'm not making any promises.
(all art belongs to me)

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

The 30 Day Disney Princess Challenge

So recently, my friend, writingmagic26 (or Elinor Rigby) discovered this thing called the 30 day Disney Princess challenge. She found this on someone else's blog (I'll link it later). Any how, basically the gist of it is that everyday, for 30 days, you post on your blog or social media an answer to a description. So for example: lets pretend that Day 1 is "best singing voice". You would post something like "Ariel" or "Elsa".

So Elinor decided to take on this challenge with a slight twist. She is going to DRAW the princess or subject of the day and post it to her blog. ( She got this idea from:

After hearing this from Elinor, I decided that it seemed like a fun idea! So I've also decided to take on the 30 day Disney Princess Challenge!!! Elinor called it a suicide mission because we both have... VERY VERY busy schedules. That's why I wont be starting the challenge until my spring break starts... Which is in like six days. (Yes I've started a count down. That's how desperately I need spring break).

Wish me luck!!!

Sunday, March 2, 2014

February Favorites 2014

Wassup Y'all!!!

Anyhow, its the second of March already, so I thought I should probably post my February Favorites. February went by SO FAST, I'm not quite sure how it happened :P Well, lets get into it!

Dark Horse by Katy Perry- Its just so catchy and funny. Yes, to me, its a funny song.
Team by Lorde- I don't know why, I just liked it. It's different from alot of the music that I hear on the radio
On Top of the World by Imagine Dragons- Its such a happy song!

Gloves from Taiwan: My mom got me these fluffy gloves from Taiwan. They don't look like much from the outside... they're just gray and rather scratchy, but the insides are SO SOFT!!! They're great to wear to school when the polar vortex hits!
My NERD Glasses: Sometime in the beginning of the year, I ah... misplaced my glasses... and we recently had our eyes checked! So, I chose nerd glasses frames. I really love them!
New boots from madden girl: OMG I wear 'em all day everyday! They're actually rather simple boots, I think, but I just love love love em!

I didn't really enjoy this February... Mostly 'cuz I just had TOO MUCH stuff to do! But a few things I DID enjoy:
Hospital Career day at Mercy Hospital: I went on a science field trip to a Mercy hospital facility where we learned more about some careers in the medical field. I didn't realize there were so many options! I'm still not quite sure what I wanna do though.
Valentines Day:
My friends and I call this day #foreveralone day as a joke, because none of us have boyfriends :P It was still nice to get candy and chocolate from my friends and to make cards for some of them as well. Although... I did give mine out late because of the work load I had in school and I only made a few.
Friend's party: One of my friends had her birthday party this month. We went rollerskating at a local skating rink, then went home and had a sleep over. It was so much fun!

So, these are just a few things that I have enjoyed this month. What are some of your favorites? Comment them down below if you like!