Friday, April 18, 2014

30DDPC Day 3: Favorite Prince

AAAAAANNNDDDDD HERE IT IS!!! The long awaited day three of the 30 Day Disney Princess Challenge. Sorry it took sooooo long to make it. School has been a crazy whirlwind of work and other stuff.

My favorite prince has to be Cinderella's prince charming. In the first Cinderella, he doesn't have much of a character, but in Cinderella 3, I just thought he was soooo handsome and heroic. I also thought he was so nice, because he believed Gus Gus when the mice tried to tell Cinderella's story.
This was a tough battle between Prince Charming and Prince Naveen from the Frog Princess. Naveen just had such a happy outlook on life even though he was broke, and he was quick to realize what he really "needed".
Prince Charming eventually won out because he was so brave and noble for rescuing Cinderella from banishment!
Anyway, I hope you all like it, and I will see you soon (hopefully) with Day 4!
<3 ~ Alexis :)

Saturday, April 5, 2014

March Favorites 2014

OH MY!!! It's already April 3rd?? Sorry for not posting this sooner! I've just been sooooo busy. With my final presentation being less than a week away, things have gotten a little cray around here. For example, this weekend, my parents are going to Chicago, so I will have to work extra hard to stay on track :P

Well lets get a move on to the favorites:

YouTube Channels:
These are more like "every month" favorites because I literally can't live with out watching their videos:
PointlessBlog- AKA Alfie Deyes. He makes really funny and entertaining videos that I can watch on a bad day and it will cheer me up C:
Zoella- AKA Zoe Sugg. Zoe is a beautiful beauty guru on YouTube, and she is SO inspiring!! She not only makes beauty videos, she also makes fun ones. Watching her videos always makes me so happy :)
SprinkleOfGlitter- AKA Louise. (Sorry Louise! I dont know your last name...) But she and Zoella are like BFFS and she has the cutest daughter. Louise shows me that you can be both a grown adult with a child and still have fun! It's really inspiring to see how much there is to life with Louise <3

So that list was only scratching the surface of people I watch. I will probably continue listing them in future "monthly favorites" posts.

EXPO Markers- I recently bought a pack of expo markers. They're the thin kind with lots of bright colors and they make me SO HAPPY! It's kind of an obsession. . . The bright colors are soooo cool, so I will write anything and everything on my white board with them. I even drew a birthday picture for my mom with them :3
TY Beanie Ballz- They are the cutest little stuffed animals EVAHHHH!!!!! My sister recently got me the unicorn one as an "early birthday present" (My birthday isnt till June).
Valspar Paint- We recently painted the kitchen yellow, and I thought the paint was just DANDY!

Cheez-Its- and all time favorite junk food of mine whether its the normal kind or the White Cheddar kind. (but I definitely do NOT like spicy!)
Apples and Peanut Butter- Quick, delish, healthy snack ;)

SPRING BREAK- a week of bliss, before having to plunge back into school.
Ben's Birthday- My brother turned 11!!! He is SO big now. I can remember when he was just a little tot.
Mom's Birthday- My mother also had her birthday!! I made a beautiful picture using my new expo markers, but Emma made fun of it :( We also go to eat fruit tart :)  <3 you mom!!

Sorry, if March's Favorites seemed kind of pathetic. March was a pretty pathetic dreary month. All it was was homework and a week long break in which I got nothing accomplished.

Thanks for reading!! Byeeeee :D