Sunday, April 26, 2015

Well that Happened #5: Where ya at brah?

Wasting time is my expertise. I just spent a good hour watching YouTube.

I should probably get a move on, and finish filming a video for my band leadership application, but... I said I'd put this story out there, so here goes.

So a couple days ago, I came home after school pretty late (like around 7pm). I came home and just sat around in our front room eating a snack when my mom called to tell me to help her get stuff out of the car. "I'm home," she said.

I looked out onto the driveway and she wasn't there, so I said in to the phone "ummm what."
She just told me to "come out side and help!"

Just at this moment, a boy from school came walking down the street, but I didn't realize he was there, so I said very loudly into the phone "Yo, Motha! Wer ya at brah?!" (You know, cuz I'm thug like that)

This kid just gave me the weirdest look. Even worse, my mom pulled up around the driveway, so he stood there, awkwardly waiting for her to drive past. I just told him to go ahead.

Good thing too, because then my mom told me to ASK FOR HIS ADDRESS. She doesn't seem to understand that I am an awkward teenage girl. He is a teenage boy. One doesn't simply ASK FOR A BOY'S ADDRESS.

I mean if I had cookies and was a middle aged lady interested in meeting the neighbors... maybe. BUT I AM AN ANTI SOCIAL GIRL WHO'S ON THE INTERNET ALL DAY.

I hope that ya'll have a good day. And aren't pestered to ask for addresses by your mothers.

<3 Alexis

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