Thursday, October 23, 2014



Recently I've encountered a huge writing block (or whatever it's called). I've been so busy that whenever I have free time, my brain is so fried I can't focus on anything. I feel guilty and a bit sad for neglecting my baby blog so I'm going see if I can blog everyday in November. I think it's #BEDN (Blogging every day in November).

So, what I need help is. . . what do you guys want to read about? If there's anything anyone absolutely wants to hear my opinion on or to read about, I will gladly write about it! Otherwise, it'll just be kind of like a diary of sorts about my life.

Thanks guys <3



  1. Winterguard!! Auditions are soon, right? It'd be cool to have pictures for that. Ummm. . . your favorite books/movies/fictional characters and why they are your favorites. The songs you like at the moment, your favorite lyrics from them, why you like them. Umm, what are your biggest fears? Life dreams? What would you do if you didn't go to college at the end of high school? Where would you like to visit and why? What you dislike about school. Your fondest memories. The people you look up to. If you have an image of a more outgoing, daring you, can you draw it? What would you be wearing and what kind of hair would you have? What's one thing you really, really wish for, right now? It can be superficial, like ice cream, or deeper, or both. Who is one person you could not live without? What do you daydream about? Funny life stories.

  2. Now that I've bombarded you with random things I'd love to hear, hopefully you have enough ideas to keep you going all of November. Of course, I'd love to hear about your day, too, but if you get bored you can turn to these. I'm interested to see how you would respond to them, and I love hearing you tell stories. It'd be fun to hear some deep opinion and life observation-style pieces, but those take a lot of energy and time, so if you did some they'd have to be pre-planned and interspersed. . . But I hope you have fun with this!! I'm really looking forward to seeing everything you post! (No pressure, right? :P )