Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Well that Happened #6: Fancy Bed Shenanigans

What a day.

The AP Physics exam is tomorrow. Have I studied? No. Will I fail? Most likely. Do I care? Hard to say...

The thing about studying is that I don't know where to begin. For example today, I had "Late Arrival" to school, because there was a US History EOC test and a Biology EOC test, both of which I've already taken. So, I was allowed to stay at home until noon.

I woke up and my first thought was "WHYYYYYYY" (I forgot to turn off my 7:30 alarm)
My next thought was "I should get up and study. Mmmmm. I think I'll make cookies instead."

I spent the morning watching YouTube and making cookies. Very yay, much productive.

The day went actually quite smoothly. I went to the last two classes of my day, and we did nothing at all really... So I came home determined to put some effort into studying for Physics.

In reality, I came home and laid on my bed and thought about life for what I thought was 20 minutes. It was, in fact, actually 2 hours. I think stress does that to me. Time passes by way too quickly for my tastes... and before I know it, I'm sitting in a testing room wondering how I got there.

So then I ended up just eating dinner and then getting drawn into a long conversation with my sister and mom. Somehow, we migrated into my mom's bedroom. Here is where my night really takes a left turn.

My mom has a fancy bed. You can use a remote to change it's shape. You can elevate your head, your feet and get fancy bed massages. It's great. My siblings and I laid on the bed while messing around with said fancy bed, and then my mom joined us. It was a TON of fun and all thoughts of Physics completely evaporated from my brain.

Suddenly, the bed stopped working. It got stuck in a position where the head end was completely bent up and the foot end was also completely pushed up. Imagine a sandwich halfway folded up or a trampoline with an elephant in the middle. That's what it was like. We tried everything to fix it, but in the end I got on the floor to take a good look. I found the power cable and followed it to where it started, but I couldn't reach all the way, so I had to crawl under the bed.

I don't know if any of you have seen that vine where the cat completely buries itself into a couch by climbing in the teensiest hole ever. That is what it was like. I wriggled under the bed, got stuck and had to wait for my sister and mom to pull the bed away to free me. It was great.

After a lot of yanking at wires and such, we found that the power cable had been tightly wrapped around the part of the bed frame that expanded to lift up the head end. We untangled it- took forever- and in the end, realized that there was a cut in the wire. We think that because it was tangled and stretched so tight the metal frame tore a hole in the cable. I tried to put it back together and ended up blowing a fuse, so then we gave up. 

After fixing the fuse, we resigned ourselves and just said that dad could fix it next time he visits... My mom's bed is now stuck in that position, and she has to sleep in the guest bedroom. Also, no studying got done.

What a productive night, eh?

I'd better get to bed now, before I make anymore stupid decisions.


<3 Alexis

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