Friday, April 18, 2014

30DDPC Day 3: Favorite Prince

AAAAAANNNDDDDD HERE IT IS!!! The long awaited day three of the 30 Day Disney Princess Challenge. Sorry it took sooooo long to make it. School has been a crazy whirlwind of work and other stuff.

My favorite prince has to be Cinderella's prince charming. In the first Cinderella, he doesn't have much of a character, but in Cinderella 3, I just thought he was soooo handsome and heroic. I also thought he was so nice, because he believed Gus Gus when the mice tried to tell Cinderella's story.
This was a tough battle between Prince Charming and Prince Naveen from the Frog Princess. Naveen just had such a happy outlook on life even though he was broke, and he was quick to realize what he really "needed".
Prince Charming eventually won out because he was so brave and noble for rescuing Cinderella from banishment!
Anyway, I hope you all like it, and I will see you soon (hopefully) with Day 4!
<3 ~ Alexis :)

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