Saturday, April 5, 2014

March Favorites 2014

OH MY!!! It's already April 3rd?? Sorry for not posting this sooner! I've just been sooooo busy. With my final presentation being less than a week away, things have gotten a little cray around here. For example, this weekend, my parents are going to Chicago, so I will have to work extra hard to stay on track :P

Well lets get a move on to the favorites:

YouTube Channels:
These are more like "every month" favorites because I literally can't live with out watching their videos:
PointlessBlog- AKA Alfie Deyes. He makes really funny and entertaining videos that I can watch on a bad day and it will cheer me up C:
Zoella- AKA Zoe Sugg. Zoe is a beautiful beauty guru on YouTube, and she is SO inspiring!! She not only makes beauty videos, she also makes fun ones. Watching her videos always makes me so happy :)
SprinkleOfGlitter- AKA Louise. (Sorry Louise! I dont know your last name...) But she and Zoella are like BFFS and she has the cutest daughter. Louise shows me that you can be both a grown adult with a child and still have fun! It's really inspiring to see how much there is to life with Louise <3

So that list was only scratching the surface of people I watch. I will probably continue listing them in future "monthly favorites" posts.

EXPO Markers- I recently bought a pack of expo markers. They're the thin kind with lots of bright colors and they make me SO HAPPY! It's kind of an obsession. . . The bright colors are soooo cool, so I will write anything and everything on my white board with them. I even drew a birthday picture for my mom with them :3
TY Beanie Ballz- They are the cutest little stuffed animals EVAHHHH!!!!! My sister recently got me the unicorn one as an "early birthday present" (My birthday isnt till June).
Valspar Paint- We recently painted the kitchen yellow, and I thought the paint was just DANDY!

Cheez-Its- and all time favorite junk food of mine whether its the normal kind or the White Cheddar kind. (but I definitely do NOT like spicy!)
Apples and Peanut Butter- Quick, delish, healthy snack ;)

SPRING BREAK- a week of bliss, before having to plunge back into school.
Ben's Birthday- My brother turned 11!!! He is SO big now. I can remember when he was just a little tot.
Mom's Birthday- My mother also had her birthday!! I made a beautiful picture using my new expo markers, but Emma made fun of it :( We also go to eat fruit tart :)  <3 you mom!!

Sorry, if March's Favorites seemed kind of pathetic. March was a pretty pathetic dreary month. All it was was homework and a week long break in which I got nothing accomplished.

Thanks for reading!! Byeeeee :D

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