Sunday, August 24, 2014

End of Summer! Tag

OO! Another tag I've been asked to do? (Feeling extra special. . .) Thank you Elinor :D

My friend Elinor, from, has asked me to do her End of Summer! tag. Its basically a mish mosh list of stuff I did this summer!

So with out further ado, I shall get started! Enjoy!

I. . .
Took a week long vacation to Texas (Austin and the DFW area), during which my family spontaneously decided to move to Frisco, Tx.

Posing by a pond in Austin
Dad armed with stuffed animals, ready for the road!!

Went to a film camp at SLU, where I created a Fashion documentary with my group! We got to tour around downtown St. Louis to get footage, and I learned all about video editing!
(the camp blog:
Made my own back pack with floral fabric, large jeans, and a sewing machine!
Before. . . 

After. . .
Went BACK to Texas to look at houses! (to see Vlogs, visit my YouTube channel)
Went to a summer camp at the YMCA called Summer Stock, where we performed Aladdin Jr.! I was a CIT (Counselor in Training), therefore I did backstage crew.
A camper made these bracelets for me. How sweet! <3
The backdrop. One of the counselors and I spent hours drawing and fixing the paint.
It turned out amazing!!
On the last day of camp, the children were allowed to do the CITs and
counselors' hair and make up. Aren't I beautiful?
Had an awesome surprise birthday party with my friends in our kitchen!
 Went on a trip to Trout Lodge with my good friend Elinor, where we had lots of fun swimming and boating!
Elinor, Paddling away!
Emma, Ben and Dad in a canoe.
Dad looks so comfortable!! >u<

Baby birds, in a nest in the lakeside pavilion.
 Had a goodbye party with some of my close friends from school!
Barely passed my Driver's Test, and got my License.
Drove by myself with my siblings in the car, and no one died!! :D
Cleaned my room just for my friend (thanks Elinor!! :P)
Carried half a house's worth of stuff into a teeny tiny UHaul truck. (Backbreaking work I tell you!!)
Drove to Texas in two days.
Unloaded the truck and moved all the stuff up three floors of stairs.
Organized-ish our appartment.
Enrolled in school in Frisco.
Us at the new school, after driving four hours from Oklahoma!
Went shopping alot for school supplies, house essentials, and food.
Got allergic to Peanut Mochi (this morning. . .)
Flat lookin' Mochi.

Well, that about sums up my summer! I want to say nothing great or exciting happened but that's a big ol' lie. PLENTY happened. Its just that it didn't go the way I planned, but hey, when has life ever gone as planned?
School starts tomorrow and I'm a bit nervous, but also a bit excited. Wish me luck! :D

I hope you found this somewhat interesting :) I'm proud of the fact that I included lots of pictures. Hope you all had good summers!

<3 Alexis

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