Saturday, August 9, 2014

Photography Lessons From the Car

Ohhh. . . the things boredom does for one's mind. . . 

Hello there! I was in the car a couple weeks ago, waiting for my parents to finish up what ever they were doing in our family Bridal Shop. I got soooo bored so I took some pictures to share :) ( I added a few other pictures from elsewhere, just 'cuz)
This is from when my dad drove my brother to a recplex for a night with a friend. There was this photo taking machine by the door that was taking quick sample pictures of the people just standing there, so Emma and I had a little fun with it :P

Aren't we just so GANGSTER? We are the most SWAG people I have ever met. 


My hair dangling oh-so-artfully out of the car window in the car sideview mirror.

The reflections of other cars in the sideview mirror. Aren't I so delightfully creative? (the answer is sadly. . . Not really, lol)

A pic of my favorite pair of shoes. I just love them so much! I wear them everyday. Fashion tip: Converses go with EVERYTHING :) (even this guy told me so. . . so I assume its true)

Alright, I hope you enjoyed these strange and random pictures of my life! Thanks for stopping by!

<3 Alexis

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