Sunday, February 15, 2015

Dear Valentine's Day Haters...

Since yesterday was Valentine's day, I felt I needed to put in my own little bit of love to the internet.

I'm a bit socially awkward, so Valentine's day came and went almost like any other day. Normally for Valentine's day, I buy those candy Valentines from Target and hand them to all of my friends. Problem is, this year I am completely broke and I didn't have the time to stop by a store to buy any candy anyways. (I'm sorry friends! I promise I love you!!!)

I've also noticed that one thing has been running rampant on the internet. VALENTINE'S DAY HATIN'!! The claim is that "You shouldn't only love your significant other/ loved ones for only ONE day out of the whole year"

While I understand that love shouldn't be reserved for only ONE DAY, I personally think that it's a ready wrapped excuse to waste money on ridiculous amounts of sweets and to spoil other people with copious levels of happiness. Most people only have the time or money to do this once a year. On a normal day, you can "love" people. There's nothing stopping you. Valentine's is for extreme shows of affection.

Anyways. I was just getting tired of people hatin' on showing lots of love and Valentine's day.

I hope you had a wonderful February 14th and that you were surrounded by people you love and that you were extremely happy.

Alexis <3

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  1. Wow! I didn't even know Valentine's Day Hating was a thing. . . 0_o But you make a really good point. :) Regardless, I like Valentine's Day. It's fun. It's a chance to spend an entire day focused on love, which is basically the awesomest thing ever!