Sunday, March 23, 2014

Back to school. Again.

Well, today marks the end of spring break 2014. I have to admit that it wasn't too spectacular. I feel as if I've spent most of my time just sorta puttering around my house with no real purpose. The rest of the time was really spent on stuff that I didn't imagine doing over spring break. For example we painted the kitchen. A LONG and gruesome three day process that left our kitchen looking rather war torn, but brighter and happier none-the-less.

I really don't want to go back to school. I miss my friends, I miss some of my, classes. I even miss some of my teachers, but I definitely do NOT miss the work load that comes with taking all the classes that I take. I'm hoping that by April 9th my life will be together, because that is the day of my final presentation. For ALAR/P students like me, that means that is pretty much the last day of torture. After that is easy cruising to the end of the school year. At least that's the way it is for me.

As of right now, I THINK I have just finished editing an essay due tomorrow. I'm supposed to upload it to but quite honestly I'm slightly scared to do so. I am absolute trash at writing conclusions, introductions, and commentary. So pretty much, I suck at writing essays.

Also, living in St. Louis, Missouri can also be a chore, because we have what we call "bipolar weather". Take for instance, this past week: Yesterday was absolutely gorgeous- 70 degree sunny day. Perfect for a stroll in the park. Today was still sunny, but freezing outside. The temperature peaked at like 45 degrees flat. This coming week, its supposed to get slightly warmer, but sometimes rainy sometimes not. It is nearly April. It should be a solid 65 degrees out side everyday!!!

I guess, at the end of this rather pointless rant, school is still barreling its way towards me and I have accomplished nothing. I'm very sorry if you're very disappointed to have not found anything worth reading or meaningful in any way whatsoever.

But thanks for stopping by! :)

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