Wednesday, March 5, 2014

The 30 Day Disney Princess Challenge

So recently, my friend, writingmagic26 (or Elinor Rigby) discovered this thing called the 30 day Disney Princess challenge. She found this on someone else's blog (I'll link it later). Any how, basically the gist of it is that everyday, for 30 days, you post on your blog or social media an answer to a description. So for example: lets pretend that Day 1 is "best singing voice". You would post something like "Ariel" or "Elsa".

So Elinor decided to take on this challenge with a slight twist. She is going to DRAW the princess or subject of the day and post it to her blog. ( She got this idea from:

After hearing this from Elinor, I decided that it seemed like a fun idea! So I've also decided to take on the 30 day Disney Princess Challenge!!! Elinor called it a suicide mission because we both have... VERY VERY busy schedules. That's why I wont be starting the challenge until my spring break starts... Which is in like six days. (Yes I've started a count down. That's how desperately I need spring break).

Wish me luck!!!