Saturday, June 28, 2014

A Seriously Good Birthday Haul

Wait I'm sixteen?! Since when?!?!?!?

Hey Guys!!! Its been 2 days since my birthday (on the 26th) and I still feel fifteen. It just hasn't quite sunk in yet, but I am grateful for all of the presents I've received!! Thanks to all who gave me a present :) <3
This will probably be a lengthy post because of pictures, but hey! Pictures are pictures :D !!
 So this here cutie pie's name is "Mr. Bob". The tag says "Fable" but that's not a cool enough name, so Emma named it "Mr. Bob" This is Emma's gift to me (she bought it way back in like March, but I still love it to death!) (Also, I'm not sure which gender it is. . . Its a bit gender confused :P)
 These two nail polishes are from my younger brother, Ben. He had a fun time checking them out at the cashiers. . . He had to explain to the girl there that they were for my birthday and not for himself (haha!) I really really love these colors. The yellow is called "Lets Meet" and the baby blue is called "Cinderella" (fitting right?)
 Here is an mp3 from my dad. I already have one but its at least four years old now and is filling up fast. It works just fine, but I'm running out of music space, so this will be good for the extra stuff I download! 
This is a shampoo that my mom bought for me at Target. I was smelling it and it smelled really good so she bought it for me. I really like it. (It might be a sign that she bought me shampoo though... maybe I need to wash up better? JK)
 This cute basket full of stuff is from my great friend Audrey!!! Keep reading for details :)
 The basket contained this adorable gold metallic notebook in which we are currently keeping ideas for YouTube videos. It is really quite handy for jotting down ideas that suddenly just pop into your head!
 This here is a note card holder. I mean who can live without a note card holder?! It'll actually be quite useful because I'm still in high school and this past year I used up a good 5 packs of note cards. This will be good for keeping them, and its just so cute!!!
 This is a cute Vera Bradley wallet in the style "Paisley meets Plaid". It's quite small, but its for when I get my license!! I cannot wait to get it, all I have to do now is practice parallel parking and then I CAN DRIVEEEEE!!!!!! WHOO WHOOOTTT!
 Next is this adorable make up bag with a mirror inside, also from Vera Bradley. This design is called "Heather". I don't have very much make up so I'll probably use it for a variety of things. But it'll definitely be useful nonetheless!!!
And finally in the basket were these two sticky note pads. I really like that they have that cover, because it'll protect them from sticking to other things when I keep them in my bag. I can't wait to use them for school!!
 Last but not least, I got a note from Audrey and a card from my epic history teacher, Mr. Schulz. I will be forever grateful for their kind thoughts:)

So thank you again to the people who gave me presents for my 16th birthday! Luv ya!