Sunday, June 22, 2014

Texas Review. . . Sorta.

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So, I mentioned in my Moving House post that I was going to review the wonderful state of TEXAS!!! Then I realized that I don't know what sort of attitude I want to take on the review. Serious? or Sarcastic? or Funny? I don't know. This is probably due to the fact that I have very mixed feelings about the state and moving here. But I'll just write what I had in mind down below. You are welcome to read. (BTW I didn't bother finishing my thoughts so please don't be disappointed...

Are you ready? LEEEGGGOOOOO!!!!

What people say is "Everything is bigger in Texas". I think that this statement is half true. Or maybe everything is in proportion so it feels the same size. I noticed, though, that everything is rather more spread out. Excepting houses in neighborhoods, I saw that the land/ commercial area looked stretched out. (does that even make any sense?)

My sister did a post on Texas stereotypes if you want to go check that out at

But I feel like she made a point. Lots of people think that Texas has alot of country people, country music, and just COUNTRY/ a ranch vibe. The places I visited weren't at all like that. (Well actually some places were, but those were more like attraction areas.) The residential areas seemed... well, NORMAL.

Funny Story: We met this Chinese/Taiwanese guy at this Panda Express. I think he was the manager or something but he was so COOL. I'm gonna go back and say Hi :)

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