Monday, December 15, 2014

Sea Cucumbers

It's the week before Winter Break. I should be at home sleeping. Everyday. Of. The. Week.

Instead, I'm up writing presentations about Sea Cucumbers. It's been quite a long day. And in the end, all I've learned is that Sea Cucumber fishing in Seychelles used to be a problem because sustainability was a concern, and that it is very important to learn about in school. Such arbitrary things to learn at school, yet I have to waste my brain cells on weird sea creatures somewhere in the Indian Ocean.

Why can't I spend this week lounging about in my pajamas and looking at pictures of unicorns?


  1. Gah, why don't I ever get to learn about sea cucumbers in school?

    Anyway, I'm sorry for the delay in answering you, but thanks for adding one of our link buttons :) If you still want to learn how to make your own, here is a very quick tutorial:

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    1. Thank you so much!! I'll have to give that a try!