Thursday, December 25, 2014


My my my,it's been a busy week. (Well, I say it's been a long week, but really I haven't really done anything too important)

Anyways seeing as it's Christmas at the mo, I thought it's share a bit about my Christmas with you.

For presents, I received a wonderful onesie and apair of fuzzy socks from my siblings. I also got some make up and some nail polishes from my aunt. Finally, my dad got us the just dance Wii games. It was wonderful.

even though it was Christmas today, wwe didn't do anything too special. We opened persons of course, but other than that, I painted our bathroom walls a bit, and watched awhile but load of YouTube videos.

I'm Sorry I'd this post was kinda short and choppy, but being the wonderfully intelligent and responsible young lady i am, I managed to leave my laptop at home, so I won't have it for the next week and a half.

I hope you had a good Christmas.


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