Friday, January 9, 2015

Well That Happened Episode 3 : Just Chillin'

Normally when I have a "Well That Happened" post, I've usually ended up in some catastrophe involving my inadequate life skills. Fortunately, this time I've done nothing wrong. Yay Me!

Instead, I'm bringing you an account of my AP Physics class. Sounds boring, I know, but just bear with me.

Since moving to Texas, I've noticed that the teachers and administration here are really quite chill. For example, one of my friends and I eat lunch on the floor by the front doors every other day, yet no one seems to care. To be fair, we ARE waiting to catch a bus to a different school for a class, but still! Everyone else eats in the cafeteria like they're supposed to. For example, today, we were just sitting there and the PRINCIPAL walked by and joked that he should get us a table and chairs, like it was NBD. Like I said. they are Chill.

But that all is besides the point. I'm here to discuss Physics.

Today, like every other A-day, I arrived late to physics due to the fact that I have the previous class at a different school. (they didn't offer AP French at my campus). I walked in and we began discussing our "Centripetal Forces" lab. Normal. The first half of class went rather smoothly.

Around 3:30, one of my classmates from math class walked in. He was supposed to be in Language Arts or something, but he just strolled in. Here's how it went

*Teacher* - Hey! Whatcha doin' here?
*Classmate* - Well see I needed to prove to HIM *points at another classmate* that I can get out of class.
*Teacher* - . . . What.

This classmate then launched into a long-winded explanation about how he used an old written pass to tell the teacher that he needed to leave class early. It was really quite entertaining.

And what did the teacher do? He played a game of chess with this classmate.

Chill. I know.

This is also why I like Fridays.

And in case you were wondering. The teacher won the chess game.

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