Tuesday, January 6, 2015

New year, New me?


Since being back with my lovely laptop, I have returned to my old habit of drowning myself in YouTube videos from my favorite creators. Surprise, surprise right?

That "NEW year, NEW me" mindset hasn't taken hold yet. I kid you not, I'm still the same procrastinator I was since sixteen years ago.

I've been kind of thinking this through (in that time of limbo between being awake and being asleep). 2014 was kind of a crappy year to be painfully honest. What was supposedly my "sweet sixteen" turned into a "lets put all efforts into packing so we can move to Texas!" type deal.
With this new 2k15, I'm hoping life will be more... well AWESOME.

I'll say I have BIG PLANS for this year, but that's what I said last year. Look where that got me.

Its like one of those "as seen on TV" ads. Where the TV announcer shows a person testing out a product that will "CHANGE YOUR LIFE FOREVER WITH JUST ONE USE!". You'd expect that you would see IMMEDIATE RESULTS, but more often than not, it's just a gimmick.
That's what New Year is like.

*December 31* Tomorrow! I start my diet tomorrow!
*January 1* It's only the first day of the year. I'll start my diet TOMORROW!
. . .
*June 30* Its almost July. Too late to start my diet. I'll do it NEXT YEAR!

But maybe this year will contain a pre-determined plot twist that will transform me in to the successful Asian I supposedly have the potential to be.

I hope you all have your lucky breaks as well. Good luck in 2015! (even though its already the night of the sixth...)


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