Monday, January 19, 2015

Travel Tid-Bits

Right before winter break, I took the time and the effort to take pretty pictures of stuff so that I might write a blog post about it. Then I went and left my laptop at home.
(cue applause)

So, I've decided I'll do a post with those pictures since I already put in the effort anyway. Enjoy!

I have a slight obsession with nail polish. I like to change it up every couple of hours (no exaggeration there) So, naturally I brought about a gajillion bottles of the stuff with me to St.Louis. Not that you would really need this many bottles of nail polish to last you two weeks.

Here's another shot of my beautiful nail polishes. I told you I have an obsession. Notice also I added my remover here too because I realized that you'd need the remover so that you can change your mind as often as I do.

Here we have a makeup bag. I thought I would be sophisticated and bring along makeup to wear to fancy parties. Yeah I used it maybe once or twice the whole two weeks. But I still insist it was TOTALLY WORTH IT!!!!!!!

Ah, finally, a USEFUL thing. I actually used this almost every day! One can not live with out hand-sanitizers. I kept this one from Bath and Body Works on my key-chain. THIS STUFF SMELLS FREAKING AMAZING.

Alright, well that's all I really had pictures of. I figured a picture of every single thing I brought to Missouri would be extremely dull, so there you have it. The few most dullest things from my collection :D

<3 Alexis

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