Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Post Number One

Hello Friends!

Welcome to my new blog! Its 2014, so I figured, well why not start a blog? New Year, New Me. Besides, I spend most of my life on the internet anyway. I might as well be doing something of my own instead of watching other people/ reading other people's stuff. Its a place that I can share my thoughts, opinions, ideas, etc.

I want to post regularly, but considering I still have school to work around, I'll have to be flexible. I'm thinking maybe at least once every two weeks. Shouldn't be hard right? I think and talk to much anyways... (With my friends anyways... Otherwise I think I'm a bit shy.)

So with that in mind... LET THE BLOGGING BEGIN!

1 comment:

  1. WAAAH!! Good luck!! I'll be rooting for you! By the way, beautifully designed blog, it suits your personality very well. : )