Sunday, November 16, 2014

BEDN Blitz #1 - Philosophical Internet Opinions

I've finally decided to get on with my "Blogging Every Day in November" (except not really . . .) thing. As promised, here comes what I'd like to call a "Blogging Blitz" where I make up for my blogging incompetence in this November Challenge. I'm going to do it in four posts, because I feel like 10 would be too much work to write or read.

Day 7- Internet
Day 8- People
Day 9- Hate

So, without further ado, ALLONS-Y!

There is something that we call "Hate" that happens all the time on the internet. Most of the time, when I'm scrolling through comments on YouTube videos or on blog posts, I find a warm comforting slew of comments, all with positive things to say. Then there are those hateful and spiteful comments that either make me laugh with contempt or get angry at that person. I find it difficult to believe that people could be so awful! Every time I read such a comment, my head fills with these philosophical thoughts that I'd like to just hurl into the comment box and show the world.

I realize, however, that that is not a very practical thing to do. Firstly because I've seen the reply comments and replies to the reply. (REPLYCEPTION?!?!) Often I find that the "hater" insists on being mean, and even though many people try to reason with them, they just don't listen. I've also seen that the people who have good intentions, and who want to back up the victim of the mean comment, also uses the same rude language or tone that the mean person uses in the first place. Its like fighting fire with fire, and normally that leads to a "not-nice" situation.

Finally I think to myself "well then the only thing left to do is to ignore this awful person." So then I keep scrolling. But, for the person whom the hate was directed at, it might not be as easy to shrug off. It bothers me that good people have to put up with it, especially if they've chosen to put themselves out there to make other people happy.

I've never been a big advocate for ANYTHING. I don't ever have truly strong opinions of anything. This sort of post is WAYY out of my comfort zone. It probably didn't even make any sense, but if anything, I just want to say...

"Haters gonna hate, hate, hate, and I'm just gonna shake, shake, shake, shake ,shake. Shake it off! Shake it off!"
-Taylor Swift

... and you should too.

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