Monday, November 3, 2014

BEDN#3: Auditions Part One


Today we had part one of our winter guard auditions. I didn't get any pictures, but we were just in the school gym.

First thing after school, I went to Band rehearsal and we literally marched a circle outside the school to prepare for a parade this Saturday. It doesn't sound like much, but our school happens to be quite large, and my calves were so sore by the end of it... (because the color guard has to point their toes when they march.)

Then after that, we had a half hour break before all of the people who wanted to try out for color guard went to the gym and we learned basics like across the floors, and drop stops. We also learned a bit of a routine that we will use for try outs next Monday

It was really quite fun for auditions, except that we were going excruciatingly slow...

Anyways, after auditions, we folded the floor, and our coach gave us a good talking to and a great long lecture. She was EXTREMELY disappointed in our behavior during the try outs, and apparently we were being disrespectful and bad leaders...

I completely understand where she's coming from, and I do agree that some of us need some attitude adjustments. I feel guilty because at one point I did stop to talk to another girl when I should've been helping my partner.

Next week on Monday when we have part two of auditions I will work harder!!

Well that's all about auditions for now. It's late and I have to get off to bed!

Goodnight <3 xoxo


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