Sunday, November 16, 2014

BEDN Blitz #2 - Life Right Now

Well, after all that thinking about people, let's take a break and discuss what my life is like right now.

Day 10- Weather
Day 11- School
Day 12- Home

Here in the suburbs of Dallas, Texas, the weather is really gloomy. Especially at the moment, it's extremely cloudy and looks like it's about to rain. Honestly, I hope it does. As weird as it sounds, it's cozier when it rains.
Not like if I were standing IN the rain of course, but the sound of rain on the windows along with a blanket, some brownies, Hot Cocoa, and a movie sounds like the coziest thing at the moment.

As for school, its the week before Thanksgiving Break. For the teachers, it may mean "Lets quickly learn as much as possible", but for me, it means "let's chill and relax and then chill and relax some more." Thankfully, I didn't have very much homework this weekend. Yesterday I went to take a practice SAT/ACT combo test. It was at this church forty minutes away from where I live, and the room was FREEZING cold. I kept my coat on the entire time. The proctor guy was pretty cool though. He was very outgoing, and props to him for attempting humor every 20 minutes :P

At "Home", (or the apartment, because I'm refusing to call this dingy, cold place home), we just rearranged our room to be more practical. Emma and I each have our own night stands now, and there is a file cabinet between our beds, so that we don't disturb each other if one of us needs to stay up later. I'm just waiting for the day when I can have a room to myself again.

Well, hope you enjoyed catching up on "Life with Alexis"
Talk to ya in like ten minutes!

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