Sunday, November 30, 2014

BEDN- Week in Review


Obviously, I have no sense of time passing or I would've written this post maybe like a lot of days ago. (You know, like I promised.) Thanksgiving break went by so much faster than I realized it would. Unfortunately.

Tomorrow, we go back to school for another three weeks before we are let out for winter break or "Christmas Break"

Could we maybe just skip like three weeks, and go straight to winter break? Please and Thank You.

If you were hoping to find a soppy "Thankful" post, I'll write one of those later. For now, I'm going to change the "Blogging Every Day in November" (BEDN) to BNSEDN. aka : Blogging Not-So-Everyday in November. Get it? No? Well FYI its December tomorrow, and I've blogged maybe half of the days in November. (cue laughter)

Well, I'd better get going. Another torturous three weeks ahead.

Peace out Girl Scouts.

<3 Alexis

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