Sunday, November 16, 2014

BEDN Blitz #3 - Happiness

Alright! Back to my Hippy Dippy Philosophical Chat Time!!!

I thought I'd talk about what makes me happy. First off, at the moment, we have brownies that my sister just made and they are DELISH. They make me very happy.

On a deeper level, I've been thinking about my friends from home alot, and I fill up with the warm fuzzies every time I remember something about them or a memory I share with them. So, I guess you would say "home" makes me happy.

Also, INSPIRATION makes me happy. I like feeling inspired. Whether it's to create something or to do something, I just like that feeling of being excited to do a project or putting an idea into action.
What inspires me? Well I spend a WHOLE bunch of time on YouTube. Its quite an unhealthy amount. Actually, now, this addiction is less severe, because I've been to busy to keep up with it. But this summer... Oh goodness. I had quite possibly the worst summer of my life, but YouTube and friends kept me from going crazy. They make me happy.

What makes you happy?

<3 Alexis

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